Modern home submerged in the landscape

A sensational house excavated into the mountainside and submerged into the landscape. Designed by architects as a family home and work studio located in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. The home-studio is totally self-sufficient from an energy point of view thanks to rainwater collection, solar panels and the use of a heat pump. The rock crosses into the dining room, living and sleeping areas, eliminating the boundaries between internal and external. The forms, colors and materials (stone, wood and cement) of the architecture have been inspired by the ancient agricultural terraces, the green of the olive trees and the surrounding vegetation.

The large windows frame the landscape like a painting, while the white marble facade blends into the terraced rock background. Paying homage to Tuscany, the spiral staircase has been designed in a tone that characterizes the poppy fields in the flowering season. The most intriguing design element to this structure is the roof design over the sleeping areas. Like butterfly wings, the two ends of the roof rise offering the possibility to relax and sleep by moonlight, drawing in natural ventilation from cool mountain breezes and allowing nature to refresh the warm summer nights. Via

Photos: Pietro Savorelli


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Marissa Vogl

This is stinkin’ amazing and so creative!