Modernist treehouse in the Rocky Mountains

Hiller Residence-01-1 Kind Design

Resolutely minimalist in style, the Hiller Residence in Winter Park, Colorado, turns its back on tradition to focus on its Rocky Mountain setting. When artist and designer bought a quarter-acre plot in Winter Park, Colorado, almost nine years ago, she decided she wanted a living space that felt more like the interior of her New York City loft than the area’s prevailing mountain lodges and log cabins. So she hired of Cave Creek, Arizona, a modernist architect with more than half a century of experience designing eloquently minimalist spaces, to create a 2,994 square foot residence that defied tradition.

Hiller Residence-02-1 Kind Design

Here is a description of the project from the architect, “The client, Ruth Hiller, a fine arts painter and corrective exercise specialist, purchased a 1950′s single storey home located in Winter Park, Colorado. Ruth, a single woman, approached Michael P. Johnson Design Studios Ltd. with the challenge to remodel this poorly designed building in a manner within a minimalist design ethic.

Hiller Residence-03-1 Kind Design

With little to work with it was suggested that the existing residence be removed and relocated elsewhere. Working with the existing basement foundation a two storey solution allowed the living, dining, and kitchen to fly above the dense evergreen forest.

Hiller Residence-05-1 Kind Design

The lower level contains two master bedroom suites, entry and a commons room. The basement was designated for use as a painting studio with natural light borrowed by the use of light wells located on the west elevation. A 44.5 cm. X 44.5 cm. full body porcelain tile was selected for its beauty and durability for the entire lower level. The use of a single tile color unifies the total space allowing the free flow from room to room.”

Hiller Residence-06-1 Kind Design

Hiller Residence-10-1 Kind Design

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Hiller Residence-15-1 Kind Design

Hiller Residence-16-1 Kind Design

Photos: Bill Timmerman