Transitional style lake house retreat in Michigan by Robbins Architecture

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Harbert Residence is a single family vacation home designed by , located on the Michigan shoreline, in the village of Harbert, Michigan.

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From the architect: Simple and sophisticated interior and exterior that harmonizes with the site. Like the integration of the flat roof element into the main gabled form next to garage. It negotiates the line between traditional and modernist forms and details successfully.

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This single-family vacation home on the Michigan shoreline accomplished the balance of large, glass window walls with the quaint beach aesthetic found on the neighboring dunes. Drawing from the vernacular language of nearby beach porches, a composition of flat and gable roofs was designed. This blending of rooflines gave the ability to maintain the scale of a beach cottage without compromising the fullness of the lake views.

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The result was a space that continuously displays views of Lake Michigan as you move throughout the home. From the front door to the upper bedroom suites, the home reminds you why you came to the water’s edge, and emphasizes the vastness of the lake view.

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Marvin Windows helped frame the dramatic lake scene. The products met the performance needs of the challenging lake wind and sun. Marvin also fit within the budget, and the technical support made it.

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Photos: Hedrich Blessing

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