41 Most fabulous Christmas tree decoration ideas

When decorating your home for Christmas, the tree is the most important part of your holiday scheme, which can be designed in traditional colors or with a more glamorous effect. Glam-inspired decor features hues of silver, gold and white with pops of color such as blue or green. You can take a tree, artificial or real and spray paint it white for a glitzy aesthetic, then add lights and sparkling ornaments. Textures and layers can be added around your tree with throws, pillows, fur, presents and baskets (woven or canvas). The decorations are what ultimately makes your Christmas tree successful, from glitzy garlands to sparkling ornaments and light-catching baubles. To infuse glam onto your tree, try adding crystals for sparkle and shine. Since they are clear, they will absorb light and reflect. For optimum effect, place them close to the lights strung on your tree and mix them in with more colorful ornaments. Keeping ornaments and trimmings in neutral hues will help to create an elegant aesthetic that will feel right at home. Be prepared to be inspired, have a look through our amazing collection of 41 Christmas tree decoration ideas.

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Smaller trees in urns creates a simple Christmas elegance. It adds holiday cheer and can be used to decorate any space in your home for quick and easy decorating.

To create cohesiveness of design, repeat one of your ornaments through the tree, helping to create color, shape, or even a theme. A blue and silver theme can be found in the Christmas decorated tree above, helping to tie together the theme of this glamorous tree together. Adding varying sizes, shapes and textures adds more eye-catching flair to the tree.

If your space is limited, decorate with a smaller tree in an urn. Another clever idea is a DIY canvas painted tree, then tack or glue on small holiday ornaments… perfect for this dining room!

A great decorating technique with stunning results is to use over-sized holiday ornaments. For this tree, large silver balls and beautiful stars creates a visually pleasing impact, and you won’t need to add very many (a dozen or so for an average-height tree).

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