Prefabricated Spanish dwelling cantilevers over the hillside

A prefabricated, energy-efficient home was designed by for two sisters in the Collserola mountain range, in Barcelona, Spain. The bioclimatic dwelling is nestled on a sloped property with concrete walls that run parallel to the line of the elevate of the slope. Perpendicular trusses supports five major light wooden structures, which allows its inhabitants to enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Internally, the spaces are distributed so that each sister can live independently from the other, each having their own living/dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The living space is closed with prefabricated panels, generating large a envelope with high thermal performance, except to the south, where architects choose to design a veranda which opens generously to the views. With large expanses of glass, blinds are used in the summer to prevent the home from getting too hot.

The position of the home facilitates cross ventilation, so a cooling system is not necessary. During the winter months, the glass helps to capture the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Winter sunlight is achieved in all areas of the home thanks to a skylight that lets in light from the south to the smaller rooms which are located on the rear facade. A green roof, in addition to the high landscape, helps to improve the thermal performance as a whole, creating high thermal resistance. Additional sustainable design features includes the use of eco-friendly construction materials and a wooden ventilated exterior facade.

What We Love: The inviting design, sustainable features and of course the green roof, which looks super cool from the above images perspective, seeming to meld into the landscape! The mountain views are unbelievable, would love to sit on the veranda and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Enjoy the image gallery below and be sure to let us know what you think of this prefabricated dwelling!

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Photos: Adrià Goula