Soothing and warm two-roomed apartment in Kiev, Ukraine

A three-roomed apartment was converted by design firm  into a sumptuous two-roomed contemporary space in the heart of Kiev, Ukraine. The scope of this project was for the design team to create a private space for the homeowners where they could enjoy peace and quite despite being in a bustling metropolis. The transformation features a spacious area that encompasses an open layout of the living room, dining room and kitchen in one space, while an expansive master bedroom suite includes a shower room and large walk-in closet. A high priority request from the homeowners was to incorporate into their design an “honest” atmosphere, which means using natural materials in the interiors scheme and locally sourcing furnishings and decor. In following these principals, the design team sourced wooden tiles from the Carpathian Mountains, a range that stretches from the Czech Republic to Romania. These tiles are showcased throughout the living room area. Ceramic tiles and decor were sources from local potters and used to decorate the main foyer.

The designers supplied their own line of decorative elements which includes lamps, pedestals, a ceiling medallion that has a light fixture suspended from it. In the master bedroom, a display wall above the bed was cleverly contrived by the designers, featuring a triptych (a work of art that is divided into three sections) featuring decorative nails. To complete the design, abstract paintings were sourced from the talented Ukrainian artist Anton Sokolov.

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What We Love: There are so many delicious design details in this home, between the soothing light fixtures, candle display, relaxing hammock and the warmth of the wood flooring contrasting starkly with the exposed concrete ceiling, this is one cool apartment interior. What do you think, what details in this home do you find appealing?

Photos: Alexandr Angelovsky