Victorian house in Melbourne designed with subtle Asian influences

A Victorian house on a sloping site was given a complete overhaul by architecture studio , located in St Kilda West, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The goal of this new family home was to be able to cater to the lifestyle needs of the homeowners while at the same time working within a long and narrow footprint. The design team also was keen on reducing energy consumption, so they incorporated passive solar design into the design scheme. The completed design aesthetic reflected many elements, including site orientation, shape and the terrain, as well the the needs of the clients themselves. Material elements were selected based on both the passive solar methods that were used as well from the client’s wishes that the architecture have an Asian influence since they had living their for a great period of time. The architects did not want a literal interpretation of Asian architecture; instead they chose subtle connections through a minimal palette of color, texture and form, referencing more on the characteristics of Asian architecture.

The home serves multiple functions for the family, as both a place to host many guests with spacious living areas both inside and out to entertain and as a wonderful family home that caters to both their needs as a family and individual needs for privacy. The ultimate achievement to the completed design was the sense of discovery as you walk through the front entryway door. The space seems to unfold before your eyes, with the suggestion that their is more that awaits you at each turn. There is also a feeling of tranquility and calm, the home is very quite, a nice respite from the city, a fundamental connection to Asia that the homeowner’s had so desired… and achieved with great success!

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What We Love: The subtle influences of Asian architecture makes this home feel like a peaceful retreat that you just want to relax and unwind. Sitting in the living room and feeling like you are floating above the swimming pool is a fantastic design incorporation, while the courtyard gives privacy and helps to block out surrounding noise. What are your thoughts on this home design, do you see any flaws or does it look like a place you could find yourself settling into? Let us know below!

Photos: Courtesy of Kennedy Nolan