Modern and stylish apartment designed for a family in Belarus

A modern and stylish home of 3,229 square feet (300 square meters) has been transformed by for a young family of four, located in the village of Borovliany, Belarus. The main goal for this apartment home was to create an interior design scheme that would not only be aesthetically attractive but stay relevant for years to come. The design team created a space that forms itself, furnished with the owners favorite belongings. The main room was separated into three functional zones, the living room, dining room and kitchen. With this classic layout, the architects created balance by designing with a neutral background. Mid-century furnishings were selected, that are modern and timeless, creating an elegant aesthetic. Notable furnishings includes an Eames Lounge Chair as well as Gio Ponti coffee tables.

The dining room is bathed in natural light through windows that lines the space, which a modern chandelier by Lindsey Adelman creates an eye-catching focal point. The kitchen is very retro-vintage, fitting perfectly into the design scheme. Ornate crown molding on the ceiling and herringbone wood flooring through the dining and living areas mixed with tile in the kitchen completes this stylish pad. The end result is a bright and cozy space that that mixes styles of various periods, while at the time time able to change and absorb new design trends.

What We Love: Stylish interiors of classic designer pieces mixed with vintage creates a unique and eclectic home that is very comfortable and welcoming. Love the kitchen with the black and white flooring, sleek cabinets, pendant light fixtures and the factory glass that lines the perimeter of the space, creating a nice delineation. What are your thoughts on this home?

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Photos: Courtesy of Nordes Design