Cool slide adds playfulness to a two-story apartment in Kiev

An apartment in Kiev, Ukraine makes a playful entrance with its central showpiece, a slide that connects the two levels of the home, designed by interiors studio . Originally the home, which is located on the uppermost level of a 20th century building, had an upper level floor which was not being used. The two floors were connected by a staircase, which was completely re-designed and runs alongside the slide, traveling from the upper level, down past the kitchen and making its landing in the living room. The clients were looking to infuse some playfulness into their home, so that a year from now, they wouldn’t find their living space to be lackluster. Their wish was to have design elements in their home that would give them a “wow” factor every time they look at it, and over time still get that reaction when guests come to visit. The first level was to be a completely open-concept, with the exception of two children’s bedrooms that would be located on this level.

The upper level has been retrofitted to encompass the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and spacious walk-in closet, home office and a private guest suite with a bathroom. Throughout the interiors, a neutral color scheme has been selected, while a verdant vertical garden wall in the kitchen really stands brightly against a white backdrop framed by wood panels.

What We Love: The playfulness of design throughout the home, with the use of materials cool furnishings and of course the awesome slide that we would love to take a test slide on! The vertical green wall in the kitchen is a fantastic idea, adding color and vivaciousness into the home, especially when you are on a top floor apartment and cannot just step outside, why not bring nature inside? What do you love about this apartment? Please share your thoughts with us below!

Slides incorporated into the interiors of a home have become an increasingly popular design feature, where they can be found in some of of past features here on 1 Kindesign, such as an East Village penthouse featuring a helical slide and a A Subterranean Mansion with indoor water slide!

Hexagonal tiles seems to be a common pattern theme from the backsplash in the kitchen to the black tiles walls in the upstairs master bathroom to the tiled flooring in the laundry room. Solid oak wood floorboards seems to cover the majority of living spaces throughout the home, with the exception of the open plan kitchen and dining area having graphite hued rectangular tiles to create a separation of space.

A plant-covered wall adds life into the home, which has been an inspiring design concept in many other houses — with examples including this Apartment Place de la Madeleine in Paris or this home that features a wall of green, Absolutely breathtaking historical estate in rural Pennsylvania.

Another wall of green that you might be inspired by… besides the awesome one in this home… is this modern penthouse in Kiev, which has a vertical garden wall showcased in the bathroom!

With skylights punctuated in the ceiling and expansive windows in the walls throughout this apartment, the interiors are illuminated with natural light during the course of the day.

Photos: Courtesy of KI Design