35 Modern outdoor patio designs that will blow your mind

A modern outdoor patio is characterized by clean lines and modular forms that are aesthetically appealing and now that spring is here, it is time to get some inspiration. Modern spaces rely on a mixture of textures and organic materials to keep visual interest high. To keep monotony at bay, a combination of refined finishes, rustic surfaces and various shapes of furnishings helps to create a more interesting outdoor space. Fireplaces are a must, adding some elegance and ambiance to your space. Even if you don’t have a lot of area on your patio to create a built-in fireplace or fire pit, you can decorate with a fire bowl or a portable fireplace such as . Your modern patio may include a swimming pool, which adds some fun and entertainment and, with reference to the image above, added luxury. Additional things to consider for your patio, a heat lamp for cooling evenings, an umbrella to shade you from the sun, potted plants to add greenery to your space as well as surrounding gardens if you have room on your property for some extra color! Have a look through our collection of inspiring images below to get some ideas on how you can add some modernization to your outdoor patio area. Enjoy!

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This last image is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we saved it for last, as it looks like a peaceful spot to relax after all the hard planning for your outdoor patio. A hammock is the perfect addition… and a relaxing water view is always an added perk! Lake or ocean, we’ll take it!

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