Luxurious display of materials showcased by Ramon Esteve in Spain

This luxurious home is part of an exhibition to display the premium tile collection of Porcelanosa, the creative imagination of designer , located in Villarreal, Spain. The 2016 international exhibition called “L’Antic Colonial” displays a total of 9,687 square feet (900 square meters), featuring the product Porcelanosa. Its structured in different areas intended to present a wide range of material and accessories of the brand. A 1,829 square foot (170 square meters) area was reserved to recreate a home using these materials, called “Premium House”. The house displays a succession of volumes that host diffferent environments.

There are two zones in the house, the main living areas of the lounge, dining room and kitchen and the private areas, encompassing the bedroom, dressing room and bathrooms. Everything is in connection thanks to the monochrome range used in each environment. The route through volumes is longitudinal and starts in dark tones to derive brighter hues. Of different dimensions, each space is attached to the previous and some open while others are closed depending on the use. The different spaces move one relative to the other while maintaining the internal connection in each and marking independence between different uses without loss of continuity.

Woods, natural stones and mosaics of wood, stone or metal are the elements that define each space. If there is one aspect that is particularly important it is ambient lighting seen throughout. Indirect linear light bathes the vertical surfaces, highlighting the textures of materials. It combines with a spot light to accentuate certain elements. A backlit background with the image of an autumnal forest longitudinally runs through the set and places it in a natural environment.

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What We Love: The backlit panel in the living room with the image of a forest connects the space with nature. A double-sided fireplace adds ambiance and a beautiful focal point, while luxurious materials adds the finishing touch to a sophisticated and elegant home design.

Readers, what do you think of the display of materials throughout this home?

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Photos: Alfonso Calza