45 Stunning outdoor showers that will leave you invigorated

From backyard outdoor showers to luxury hotels offering bathing alfresco, these open-air bathrooms offer an exhilarating experience that will tantalize your senses. There is something spectacular about showering outside, if you have ever tried it, you will know what we are talking about. With nature all around, the sounds of birds chirping and natural light streaming in, its glorious! While you might associate outdoor showers with summer vacations at the cottage, showering off after a dip in the ocean or lake, the style is more versatile that you may imagine.

Showers can be designed as far as your creative limits will take you, from stone to wood to more unique designs such as a surfboard shower. Some showers can be designed for indoor-outdoor use, with doors that disappear to open the space to the outdoors. This design style would be perfect for those that do not live in a tropical climate and would like to use their shower all year round. During the winter months, glass will still allow you to feel like you are outside, all the while protecting you from the elements. To help further inspire you this summer season, Fitflopsale-Singapore has rounded up a collection of amazing outdoor showers. From outdoor showers designed with corrugated metal to rustic stone, these spectacular water features will make you want one of your own.

When designing your outdoor shower, try to incorporate budget-friendly, easily obtainable materials. Pictured Above: This fabulous outdoor shower offers a privacy screen of a circular wire frame, covered in evergreen climbers. The flooring is comprised of pebble and concrete – the same material used in the paving. The good news: with a little bit of DIY skills, you could emulate this same shower in a private section of your garden!

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Above: How about a surfboard shower in your backyard? Reclaim a favorite old surfboard, transforming it into a unique outdoor shower. This custom design is located at a home in Broad Beach, Malibu, California, costing around $2,500 to make.

Above: A lava rock shower creates a tropical oasis in your backyard. This awesome outdoor shower is located in Hawaii… but you can still copy the look—anywhere. The lava rock wall not only gives a natural backdrop for the outdoor shower, it also acts as a privacy screen. Adding to the aesthetic: lush tropical plantings, a towel rack made of teak and large stepping stones.

Above: The outdoor shower displayed above is part of a French farmhouse located in the French Riviera. Called “Graine-Ficelle, the home was turned into a bed and breakfast, which you can tour here: Charming Graine-Ficelle hotel in the French Riviera.

Above: Off a master bedroom in Napa Valley, California, is an outdoor shower at the home of designer Rela Gleason. Walled with stone salvaged when digging the foundations of the home, it reflects its rustic surroundings.

Above: This heavenly outdoor shower is located in Bali, Indonesia. It can be all yours to luxuriate in, as it is a vacation rental called “Fella Villas”. We featured the property not long ago, have a look: Fella Villas offers travelers an exotic tropical retreat in Bali.

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i must say, i have never understood the appeal of outdoor showers. maybe it’s driven by a semi/pseudo exhibitionist motivation, but this seems like an odd feature to promote in a house or at a hotel.


They are very beautiful. In fact I will take an idea to do it in my garden. Thank you.
I think it’s nice to take a shower there and I’m not an exhibitionist!