Ultimate indoor/outdoor bungalow living in South Carolina

A beautiful bungalow home was designed for family living by  along with interior designer , located in Old Village, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The homeowner originally lived in a small, classic bungalow, ideally located on a high property. He did not wish to move, yet he was looking to renovate the home into a more open and relaxing living environment for himself and his young daughter. The architects worked closely with the homeowner on exploring possible renovation options.

The end result was to tear down and start fresh in order to create the lofty, light-filled spaces he desired. Centered around a swimming pool, the home has a vacation vibe that comes complete with an outdoor cabana and kitchen. Newly married, his entire family enjoys every minute of their indoor/outdoor living experience, just as planned.

Above: A pool pavilion house a dining area, cozy seating area with a suspended day bed and fireplace, as well built-in outdoor kitchen. Around the swimming pool, classic teak sun loungers provides plenty of space for the family to relax when not in the water.

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What We Love: The outdoor cabana and pool area of this bungalow home are beautifully designed, making the ultimate play spot all summer long. The new design creates a seamless indoor-outdoor connection, with bright and airy spaces. We especially love the suspended daybeds on the porch and pool pavilion, a great addition!

How about you readers, what are your favorites on this house tour?

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Above: A custom designed daybed is suspended from ropes in the pool cabana. Floor lamps lends a living room feel to this outdoor space, while a fireplace keeps the chill in cooler temps.

Above: Behind paddock style doors is an outdoor bathroom, which can be seen in more detail below.

Above: A lantern suspended from the ceiling illuminates the outdoor bathroom, adding a punch of color to the all-white space. Partial height doors allows a glimpse of the pool area. Nautical cleats on the wall secures summer hats, while offering a place to hang a towel.