Colorful waterfront home with retro-inspired design in Mallorca

This colorful waterfront home is the work of the owner, the architect and interior designer Christine Leja of , located in Mallorca, Spain. Leja has been described as a visionary, who pursued a very specific idea when it came to designing her own home. At first glance, the house evoked a mid-century Californian style home. The old cassava garden transported the designer to the Hollywood Hills or Palm Springs. With this inspiration, she got down to work. The project began by respecting the architecture, which was built in the sixties.

To begin, the house needed to be opened to the outside, creating an indoor-outdoor connection. In addition to creating continuous and airy interior environments, you would get a more modern effect and, above all, gain brightness. To do this, she made several holes in the facades of up to five meters wide. Many of the dividing walls were torn down, while a lounge area was raised to maximize the spectacular views. Once the floor plan layout was organized, walls were painted and a very bold and energetic decor with sophisticated gold notes, reminiscent of the most genuine California style.

A refined structure and expansive glazed openings that were opened on the facades focus attention to the wonderful garden surrounding the house. Materials, finishes and textures were paid close attention to. Concrete flooring throughout, patterned wallpaper and a repertoire of colorful furniture that lends character and dynamism.

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What We Love: This colorful waterfront home is dressed in playful vitamin colors that adds charm and character to this inviting home. The retro-inspired furnishings and decor adds to the visual interest of this home. We especially love the indoor-outdoor connection, bringing nature, fresh air and plenty of natural light inside.

Readers, what do you think of the renovation of this home? Do you like the retro decor and bright colors?

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo