A modern cabin in the woods of Northern California

This stunning modern cabin has been completely transformed into a light-filled oasis by , located in Larkspur, a city in Marin County, California. The homeowners loved their location, even the size of their humble abode, yet they were no longer in love with the suburban aesthetics. The interiors were dark and dingy and very dated, in need of a major makeover. John Lum Architects were happy to provide their clients with a complete transformation of their former house.

It now features luminous interiors and open plan living. The best part, the clients are delighted with their new digs. The focus of the project was more on the quality of the spaces and not so much on the quantity. Higher grade materials were integrated into the design throughout, while still being budget-concious.

The residence has a total of three bedrooms, which all remained in their original location. However, walls were torn down between the living, family, dining and kitchen areas. This completely opened the space up to create a cascading great room, capturing hill views. Unfortunately, these spectacular views were previously blocked off, covered by an awkward masonry fireplace and a not so efficient floor plan layout.

Expansive sliding glass doors in the great rooms enables access to an existing pool terrace.

What We Love: This modern cabin after the renovated is bright and airy and feels well integrated with nature. Loving how the spaces seem to flow so effortlessly from one to the next. Even though the interiors were not expanded, they feel much more spacious with the open layout and the extensive use of windows. The step down from the kitchen into the living room, creates a nice transition of space, making it feel like a separated area.

Readers, what are your thoughts on this renovation project. Do you think the architects were successful at creating a fresh new design for the homeowners?

A painted wood clad wall helps to distinguish the private zones (laundry, study and bedrooms) from the public zones, all the while adding textural visual interest.

A dramatic linear skylight was integrated into the design, tracing a former closed off hallway and bathing the interiors with natural light.

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The exterior facade of this dwelling is a restrained modern statement. Featuring natural wood soffits and expansive windows, enabling this spectacular abode to blend into its wooded site. The finished result is home with an updated Larkspur vibe.

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Photos: Courtesy of Paul Dyer

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