Relaxing beachfront oasis with a Boho vibe: Scorpios Mykonos

Scorpios Mykonos is a holistic place whose concept was led by Michael Schickinger of Berlin-based , the visionary and creative director of this project. Others who collaborated on this Mykonos, Greece project includes: interior decorator  and . Scorpios encompasses 6,00o square meters of beachfront property. The design is described as “a celebration of traditional style craftsmanship, organic materials and bohemian style interiors, reflecting a relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere.”

Central to this property is the weather-worn stone house, featuring classic white washed stone accents. Simultaneously, it evokes a 1960’s Greek glamour along with contemporary modernism. The structure consists of 2,949 square feet (274 square meters) of interior space, along with an expansive 26,909 square feet (2,500 square meters) of outdoor terraces. The entire property offers visitors a sense of ease and lightness.

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Project Description: A dialogue between unobtrusively sensual décor and organic beauty continues resulting in a lightness, and warmth. An emphasis on simplicity and the essential, together with celebrating traditional craftsmanship and local Greek culture, are the guiding principles behind both the design and hospitality. Mixing minimalism with rich textures and handcrafted details, nothing is overbearing but just right.

The spacious grounds span three main areas: the western sunset lounge and beach, the generous restaurant and club area in the center, and the terraces on the eastern sunrise beach. The cool and airy stone clubhouse and bar serve as the central hub of social activity — a welcoming place where time ceases to be relevant, favoring easy interaction and shared moments away from the heat.

It is a perfect place to gather under a shady canopy for long, leisurely meals that can stretch on into the afternoon or evening. With a daytime ambience reminiscent of a good friend’s living room, nightfall gives way to a more festive energy transforming the space into a venue for special events and live music…

What We Love: This beachfront property offers plenty of space for travelers and natives alike to enjoy the beach and fine cuisine. There is ample space to relax and luxuriate, all the while socializing and partaking in the local traditions. The design of the structures is chic and stylish. The hammocks and lounge chairs on the beach invite you to spend the day listening to the waves crash and frolicking in the sea. If you are ever in Mykonos, this looks like a wonderful place to visit… the food looks fantastic!

Readers, what are your thoughts, does this beachfront oasis look like somewhere you would visit on a vacation?

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Photos: Steve Herud