Rustic-chic log cabin style home in the countryside of Moscow

This beautiful log cabin style farmhouse was designed in 2013 by , located in the sprawling countryside of Moscow, Russia. This summer vacation home features a mix of flea market finds, comfortable furnishings and cozy built-ins. Warmth is infused into this home through the log walls, wood flooring and exposed wood ceiling beams. The interiors have a bright and airy feeling thanks to a light color palette in both the wall color and neutral furnishings.

A wood burning fireplace keeps this living room feeling warm and cozy during the cold winter season. Layers of textures also helps to add warmth to this space. A beautifully patterned area rug adds color and dimension.

What We Love: This log cabin style home offers plenty of warmth and comfort to spend quality family time relaxing in the countryside. We are admiring all of the built-ins and cozy reading nooks, something you can appreciate when you are on a vacation. The wood burning stoves in the living room and master bedroom are an added bonus, adding to the ambiance of this rustic-chic cabin.

Fitflopsale-Singapore readers, what are your thoughts on this home, would this be your idea of the perfect vacation cabin? Let us know why or why not in the comments below!

Above: A view of the living room from the upstairs hallway. Notice the built-in window seat? What a fantastic spot to curl up and read a book! Loving the suspended chair, another great spot for reading.

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Above: The brick flooring in the kitchen adds to the rustic nuances found throughout this farmhouse.

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Above: Loving the blue doors that separates the kitchen from a living room.

Above: Notice the built-in storage under the staircase?

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Above: The rope mirror on the bathroom wall is a flea market find. A galvanized bucket has been repurposed into a sink, while an old rustic wood table was also repurposed into a vanity. Love the floor tiles!

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Above: A cozy bedroom features built-in seating nooks on either side of a wood burning stove. Skylights helps to illuminate the space with natural light.

Above: The rosettes on the wall are the electrical switches, notice the wires running up the wall? If you look through the other images of this home, you will see exposed electrical wiring throughout this unique farmhouse. All are sourced from a company in Spain called ““.

Photos: Courtesy of I.D. Interior Design

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