Bachelor’s loft in Moscow features modern-vintage charm

The main objective for this modern-vintage loft apartment imagined by CG artist , was to create a unique atmosphere inspired by the personality of its owner. The bachelor pad is located in Moscow, Russia and seems to reflect the varying aspects of the homeowners character, preferences and attitudes.

To further incorporate the homeowner’s tastes into this loft, the designer create a visually aesthetic color scheme, contrasting from dark brown to bright colors. Within this loft you will find elements of industrial design, aimed at the establishment within the framework of a model apartment, completely original, with new and non-standard design solutions.

The material elements used in both the decoration and the furnishings are eco-friendly in nature. This includes wood, leather, and metal. An open layout features sliding partitions that enables you to easily simulate the space depending on the situation. The benefits of such a plan — increased mobility and the feeling of a large open space filled with light and air. The project is designed for people with good taste, addicted to collecting and what is the new old.

What We Love: A bright and airy modern-vintage loft perfectly caters to the lifestyle of a bachelor, reflecting his personality and style. An open layout enhances fluidity and keeps the apartment feeling bright and airy. Clever storage solutions can be found throughout, from reclaimed lockers to steel fencing suspended from the ceiling, adding to the industrial aesthetic. The exposed brick on the walls and the wood flooring provides warmth to the space.

Fitflopsale-Singapore readers, what are your thoughts on this home, do you admire the creativity that went into this design? Could you live here? Please share with us your back in the comments below!

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Photos: Courtesy of Galina Lavrishcheva

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