Off-the-grid English home nestled on a secluded lagoon

Designed by , this unique home is nestled on a secluded lagoon in the heart of the Norfolk Broads in Wroxham, a village in England. The exterior facade presents a more contemporary design from the neighboring properties, yet respects the tranquility of its natural setting. The residence features water on three sides, while a series of pitched roofs emulate nearby boat sheds.

The exterior is clad in western red cedar shingles, punctuated by extensive windows, perfectly framing the waterfront views. A deep roof overhang shades an outdoor living area where one can sit back and enjoy the natural surrounding environment. Raised above the waterline, this helps to encourage floodwaters to flow underneath the home’s landscaped timber deck.

This home is available as a vacation rental, available anywhere from a week up to a month. You can book .

Since the location of this property is mostly off-the-grid, it requires there to be an on-site sewage treatment facility, as well as a water borehole. Solar panels as well as a timber stove provide the electricity and heating for the entire residence. “The limited access has resulted in the design being developed as a lightweight timber frame sitting on a piled ground structure as construction materials will need to be brought in by barge” states the architects.

What We Love: This fabulous property offers its guests a wonderful secluded lagoon full of waterlilies and wildlife. This would be a pleasant place to stay, relaxing, tranquil and full of fun outdoor activities. With views from almost every room overlooking the water, you can see why this dreamy retreat would be an enjoyable family getaway.

Readers, what do you think of this vacation home? Could you picture yourself staying here? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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On the interiors, you will find two bedrooms, a relaxing lounge with a fireplace and a dining room on the lower level that overlooks the water. There is also a fully-equipped kitchen for those who enjoy cooking. On the upper level, there are two additional bedrooms available for your comfort.

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Photos: Courtesy of Platform 5 Architects

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