21+ Fantastic spaces showcasing astonishing city skyline views

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Today we are showcasing some fabulous homes, apartments and penthouses with rooms that offer jaw-dropping city skyline views. We have gathered together a collection of spaces with expansive windows that perfectly frames some beautiful cityscapes. Below each image is further information about the location of the home and the image source. So sit back, relax and be prepared to be inspired! Don’t forget to pin your favorite images and while you are at it, please follow us on Pinterest: 

Don’t forget to let us know which space is your favorite and why! If you are looking for further inspiration, please have a look here: 44 Window nooks framing spectacular views and 33 Sun-drenched bedrooms with mesmerizing ocean views.

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1. A dining area features vintage furnishings and large picture windows capturing city views. (via )

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2. Living and dining room with sliding doors to the deck, featuring Seattle, Washington skyline views. (via )

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3. Modern living with sweeping views over the Los Angeles cityscape. (via )

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4. Contemporary living room with a spectacular view. (via )

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5. A contemporary loft with breathtaking New York City views. (via )

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6. A contemporary home with a view of the San Francisco skyline. The black and white artwork by artist Richard Serra, he is represented by Gemini in Los Angeles. (via )

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7. This astonishing duplex penthouse features floor-to-ceiling glass walls with unparalleled views of Manhattan. It has been designed with a modern approach to create a welcoming home space as well as being a showcase of fabulous views. See the full home tour featured here: Jaw-dropping Chelsea duplex penthouse. (via )

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8. A modern penthouse with a home office overlooking the Chicago skyline. (via )

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9. A Central Park West apartment features breathtaking city views. (via )

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10. A contemporary condominium features a glass walled bathroom that captures views over the skyline in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. All you need is a glass of wine, a scented candle and a good book! (via )

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11. A private residence Los Angeles, California. (via )

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12. A redesigned apartment reveals previously unseen panoramic views of London’s famous skyline and increases the usable floor space and value by reconfiguring access arrangements. (via )

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13. This living room appears to hover above the Sunset Strip in the Hollywood Hills. (via )

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14. This dining room in Connecticut provides a gorgeous place to sit and enjoy both waterfront and city views. The flooring is Brazilian Chestnut.(via )

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15. This open concept living area features spectacular views over False Creek, an inlet in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (via )

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16. A warm palate of materials was used throughout this Gold Coast Penthouse. From the master bedroom, you will find breathtaking views of Chicago’s skyline which frames the South wall. (via )

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17. A master bedroom in a penthouse in the World Tower UN Plaza, Manhattan, New York showcases amazing city views. (via )

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18. A stunning contemporary bedroom in a high-rise apartment features views over the Chicago skyline. (via )

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19. Dual Barcelona chairs and a chaise lounge provides a comfortable sitting area for viewing the Los Angles skyline in this minimalist bedroom. (via )

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20. This minimally styled living room provides sweeping views over the San Francisco skyline and beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. See the full home tour we featured here: Larkin Street Residence by John Maniscalco Architecture. (via )

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21. Contemporary loft living in Los Angeles, California. (via )

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22. This contemporary penthouse features breathtaking views over the New York City skyline. (via )

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23. A stunning New York City penthouse apartment showcases wraparound views. (via )

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24. A sleek and sophisticated master bedroom retreat surrounded by walls of glass, capturing breathtaking skyscraper views. (via )

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