Modern retreat in Vermont inspired by a meadow landscape

This modern retreat is a sustainable home design commissioned by architectural studio , located in Vermont. The residence is nestled on an expansive meadow landscape, surrounded by grasses and a forest of mature trees. The exterior facade of the home is a beautiful display of modern, clean lines. It is constructed with a combination of materials, including aluminum, metal, concrete and wood accents.

Painted in white with touches of gray and wood stain accents, the beauty of the exterior is the simplicity that compliments the variety in the landscape. The home also features a rectangular swimming pool. The interior of the pool is darker, giving the appearance of a lake—a perfect touch to add to the beautiful meadow landscape.

Project Team: General Contractor: G.R. Porter & Sons | Landscape: Janet Cavanagh Landscape Architect | Interiors: DPF Design

The interior of the home is exquisite using a neutral color palette with modern details in the interior design and decorating.  Sleek cabinetry, tile and wood flooring, metal beams and wood accents throughout the home extend the unique, modern look of the exterior to the interior.

Modern touches with furniture, lighting, fixtures and accent pieces adorn each room of the house, completing the all inclusive modern design, making this ‘modern meadow retreat’ the ultimate modern dream home occupying the most coveted scenic landscape.

What We Love: This stunning modern retreat is a dream home for its inhabitants, with exquisite aesthetics on both the exterior and interior. From the surrounding nature to the building materials, furnishings and accessories, every detail has been carefully curated. The use of sustainable building materials is also a notable feature in the design of this home. Overall, this home is a modern beauty that respects its surroundings… Readers, what are your thoughts on the design of this home?

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Photography by Rob Karosis

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