Carriage barn converted into breathtaking guesthouse in Vermont

 were commissioned to renovate an existing carriage barn into an open and spacious guest quarters, located in Addison, Vermont. The interiors is characterized by clean, modern lines that complements the existing historic fabric. The living space of this guesthouse takes advantage of the panoramic, west-facing views towards the Adirondack Mountains. Extensive landscaping, including a new swimming pool, ties the main house and the barns together.

Building company  was responsible for the renovation of the this carriage house barn. They wrapped the barn in a new exterior, adding insulation and mechanicals as they went along. They also worked on preserving the interior so that the inside still has the same barn boards that were there when the project begun. Clean and updated on the exterior, the interior reflects a rustic aesthetic while having a new modern kitchen, bathroom and living spaces.

The builders left an existing cistern in place, inserting a piece of glass into the concrete slab floor so you see into it. Expansive windows take advantage of the magnificent views that surrounds the property. The total living space for this guesthouse consists of 1,400 square feet (130 square meters), with one bedroom and one bathroom. The homeowners are a couple with grown children, who reside on this farm compound and enjoy entertaining their extended family.

What We Love: The preserved details throughout this carriage barn showcases a mix of old and new, beautifully blended to create a stunning aesthetic. We bet a stay in this guesthouse would be quite memorable, from the romantic bathroom with its unique crystal chandelier, to the preserved cistern in the kitchen covered in glass. The perfect amount of modern and rustic to create an inviting retreat you would never want to leave!

Readers, please share with us your thoughts, what do you think of the overall workmanship? Would you stay for the weekend in this guesthouse? 

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Above: The old barn this building used to be had a spherical water cistern underneath it. When the builders uncovered it, it was too unique to demolish, so instead they opted to renovate the building around it. Interiors lights illuminate this glass-covered space.

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Above: The flooring on in this home is an engineered, hand scraped white oak in 8″widths.

Above: In the bathroom, the sink and vanity are the Fogo in walnut makes for a warm, inviting and comfortable guest retreat. A skylight was added to the space to help illuminate the interiors. On the right, a door that was original to the barn was reclaimed to conceal a small linen closet.

Above: The original horse stalls are located on the opposing end of the barn. A study is situated on one side, while the stalls are used for storage on the other.

Above: As you can see in the image above, the small windows on the side of the barn house were once used as ing windows in the horse stall area.

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Photos: Bob Schatz

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