20 Inspiring bathrooms that beautifully integrates lush gardens

The current design trends reflect modern bathrooms that are more like retreats, an escape from the daily grind of busy lives and stressful careers. The best ones are designed with luxurious touches, such as soaking tubs, steam showers, integrated televisions with surround sound. Decadent materials adds to the overall elegant aesthetic, which includes rich woods, layered textures and earthy stones.

If you could design your own dream bathroom, you might wish to include a way to integrate nature into your surroundings. This could be visually or literally, by the use of glass walls and sliding panels. You could surround yourself with lush gardens by placing a soaking tub on a deck, or set in front of bi-fold glass doors. There is nothing more soothing than admiring nature while soaking in a warm bath… very Zen. The sights and sounds of nature and fresh breezes will help not only help to de-stress, but will give you a vacation feeling.

Have a look below at these 2o luminous bathrooms that are designed to showcase lush gardens and inspire you to invite nature into your own master bathroom!

1. An oasis was created within an inner city suburb of Australia, where the homeowners screened the back wall of the terrace with mature bamboo gave for privacy. It also provides a luscious, natural green wall. (via )

2. A home in Long Beach, California features this tropical bathroom paradise with a Fez cement tile theme sourced from . (via )

3. A modern bathroom in Texas features a freestanding modern silouhette bathtub and a sunken open shower. Walls of glass offers views out to a private garden oasis. (via )

4. A home in San Francisco, California features a stunning live garden wall, inset behind the coco blu∙stone™ freestanding bathtub. The lush wall includes Ferns, Lavender, Geranium and Mint. (via  who worked with to make this custom wall system)

5. A modern bathroom in Melbourne showcases a wall of glass framing outdoor plants that gives the space a spa-like feel. The internal light well helps to illuminate the space while bringing the outside in. (via )

6. This fabulous Marin County bathroom has a shower enclosed in glass with views of a private, lushly landscaped courtyard. The exquisite flooring is limestone. Get the full home tour here: Accessible modern home in California: Marin County Residence. (via )

7. This gorgeous tropical bathroom in Brazil features a ceiling consisting of wood and tempered opaque glass. The separate wet room features a freestanding bathtub surrounded by a small garden of subtropical plants. (via )

8. A Hawaiian retreat offers a spa-like bathroom oasis with a glass wall of aluminum bifold doors (nano wall) that opens to a heavenly internal courtyard. If the weather is cool, you still get the views and when the weather is warm, it feels like you are bathing outdoors! The freestanding tub was sourced from Concreteworks, while the flooring is Quartzite – golden ray. (via )

9. This contemporary bathroom in Melbourne brings the outside in with a internal courtyard full of leafy vegetation. A wall of glass invites both light and nature inside, making you feel like you are showering outdoors… but with privacy. (via )

10. An uplighted river rock bathtub is placed in the back of Javanese reclaimed wooden house. To indulge the bathing experience, this semi-outdoor bathroom is given its own veranda with lush vegetation and a niche with stone figurine. The niche is covered with sandstones from Central Java, Indonesia. The freestanding tub is sheltered by a bamboo ceiling. (via )

11. Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, off the Kona Coast, this dreamy bathroom features three pocket door systems- glass, screen and louver. The glass and screens are in the pocket, the louvers rotate, there is a concealed operator on the sides. The stone tub in the garden nook was sourced from , carved from a single stone. The custom designed sink is solid carved stone, while the base is teak. (via )

12. Lava rock provides a dramatic enclosure to a private garden oasis, viewed through sliding glass panels of a master bathroom in San Diego. The Oval Back Bathtub—model C40-60 was sourced from Stone Forest. It is carved from a single granite boulder – polished on the inside, chiseled on the outside. (via )

13. The shower wall is Ipe wood, which continues to the outdoors as a privacy screen. The sliding glass door leading to the enclosed outdoor garden space was sourced from Fleetwood. A clear glass panel brings light into the bathroom and helps separate the shower from the vanity. The sinks and counter were fabricated out of quartz composite. The flooring is 12×24 porcelein tiles, Grey Floor Collection, Color 221V from Royal Mosa. See more of this fascinating home tour that we featured here: (via )

14. A Japanese-inspired bathroom in Noe Valley, California provides a Zen aesthetic. A wall to wall window above the sunken bath/shower creates a connection to the outdoors. Privacy is gained by the use of switchable glass, which goes from opaque to clear with a flick of a switch. In-floor heating was used to eliminate the noise associated with forced-air systems. (via )

15. A modern bathroom in L.A. features a sunken tub with bi-fold doors that opens out to an outdoor oasis. Stone pavers acts as stepping stones amongst the grass, leading you to the private outdoor shower. (via )

16. This custom designed Corian Rosemary Shower is coved into the window (no visible seam inside the shower) where the Corian meets the window frame it will be caulked. The window frames views to a private garden oasis. (via )

17. This master bathroom opens out to a lush tropical garden. A copper soaking tub is the central visual feature and also a great place to relax and enjoy the fresh Hawaiian breezes. The freestanding copper tub was sourced from , set on Hawaiian river rocks. ()

18. A sunken bathtub is set in front of sliding glass panels that opens out to an enclosed tropical garden in Hawaii. Lava rock walls encloses the space, giving a more Zen-like feel. (via )

19. Another tropical oasis in Hawaii, this bathroom has a dramatic lava rock wall as the backdrop to a soaking tub. This is repeated in the outdoor, enclosed garden courtyard. A sliding louvered door helps to connect this bathroom to the outdoors. Slate flooring runs from indoors to outdoors, visually expanding the space. The exquisite oyster-shell light fixture was a joint collaboration of Dara Rosenfeld and French artisan . (via )

20. Most of us do not have the space or budget to design glass walls and internal courtyards. So why not bring the garden inside? If you would like to bring tropical into your bathroom in a budget-minded way, try decorating with houseplants. An excellent way to bring the outdoors in and they also add a feeling of relaxation and comfort to any sized bathroom! (via )

Tell us: Have you tried infusing the great outdoors into your bathroom? Let us know your ideas and inspiration in the Comments below!

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