Rustic lake house retreat in Alabama: Stone Wall Fish Camp

Designed by Stone Wall Fish Camp is a rustic lake house compound set on a property that rambles out to the waters edge of Lake Martin, Alabama. The homeowner describes it as “a series of rooftops happily cascading down the hillside.” The challenges that were presented in the topography provided opportunities that seemed fitting for the home’s geologist owner.

To maximize the tranquil views surrounding the property, the house was oriented at a higher elevation. The main living areas span the lake side of the dwelling, wrapped by a three-sided porch, which provides shade and outdoor entertaining areas. The interiors are warm and inviting with a rustic aesthetic. You will find a material palette of stone and wood, adding to the welcoming atmosphere.

“Due to the steep terrain and the distance of travel, paths to the lake were made less cumbersome by creating smaller destinations along the way,” explained the architects. From the porch, one path leads down steps to a grotto, while the other makes its way to a grassy lawn where children can play. The two pathways converge at the covered entrance to a bar and lounge area (if a drink is needed) before continuing down to the lake.

What We Love: This rustic lake house has a soothing neutral color palette that is inviting and relaxing. We are especially crushing on the living room, with its bright and airy atmosphere and beautiful stone fireplace. The furnishings are comfortable and h, enticing you to enjoy this wonderful retreat and all that it has to offer. The heavy use of wood throughout the interiors adds warmth and texture and adds to the overall rusticity.

Readers, please let us know what you think of this lake house, would this be your ideal vacation retreat?

Photos: Courtesy of Jeffrey Dungan Architects

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