Visually striking modern refuge surrounded by forest in Wisconsin

This beautiful modern refuge was designed for a family of four by , nestled on a small farm field surrounded by woods in Richfield, Wisconsin. The property also features two glacial kettles, which is the reason the land to the east was never logged or farmed. This attracted the owners to this site to build their dream home. A fieldstone wall that runs the length of the house visually divides the floor plan into functional zones.

The fieldstone wall was sourced from a nearby site, “after being brought to the region in a glacier originating in Canada,” states the architect. The natural stone veneer was polished to a smooth finish by glacial activity, while debris within the ice created the striations in the stone. The wall organizes circulation within the residence, while creating a connection and orientation to the site.

The main level of this residence consists of 2,750-square feet, with three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms. The basement level offers 1,970 feet of living space. The main living spaces were devised in a tall volume on the wooded side of the property, while support spaces are in the smaller, flat-roofed structure on the field side.

Above: A close-up detail shows the fieldstone wall that was scraped and polished by glacial activity. The architect designed the wall in an organized random pattern, which is aesthetically more contemporary than traditional stacked stone.

What We Love: This modern refuge is a stunning display of meticulous details and exquisite use of materials. The interiors boast a spacious layout that radiates with natural light. Love the use of concrete flooring, which adds to the modern aesthetic while being low-maintenance and durable. Outside, the fieldstone wall creates a sense of history while being repurposed into a unique architectural element… Readers, what are your thoughts on this home, what details stand out to you?

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Above: The lower side of the residence encompasses the entrance, children’s bedrooms, bathroom, closets and laundry. While the higher point of this structure houses the main living spaces, master bedroom suite and home office.

Above: Leading to the entrance of the home is a steel trellis, which defines a concrete walkway. The family can also access the interior of the home from the inside of the garage. The fieldstone wall is notched to accentuate the view of the trees, it also traces the slope of the property. Before one enters into this inviting home, emphasis has been placed on the trees as an integral part of the site.

Above: Within the entryway of this home, a cedar clad wall provides a visual connection between the two levels. Extending down past a timber and steel staircase.

Above: The center of the structure features a board-formed chimney, which connects both levels. A double-sided, wood burning fireplace can be enjoyed from both the living room and dining room respectively. Offering flickering views, it also acts as a visual separation between the spaces.

Above: Zinc panels are affixed to the exterior facade, extending from the clerestory windows down to the lower level. This cladding helps to blur the floor line that is visible between the spaces. The warmth of the gray metal is in perfect harmony with the smooth cedar siding that wraps the flat volumes. This application highlights the expansive structure, while melding warmly with its surrounding landscape.

Above: The family enjoys spending time outdoors trekking along walking trails through the forest. Also taking advantage of this heavenly outdoor space is a sun patio, a private patio off the master suite, an outdoor dining area with a covered trellis, a garden and a recreation field.

Photos: Tricia Shay Photography

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