Fabulous mountain house with modern touches in Big Sky, Montana

This modern mountain house was designed by , and built by The PRG Group, set inside the magnificent Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, Montana. This stunning retreat was designed to maximize views of the spectacular landscape that surrounds this home. With a unique look and design, the surroundings were embraced using soft neutral tones and textures, while adding modern touches.

The architects worked with interiors studio to create warm and inviting interiors with luxurious touches. The designers kept the style top notch, while keeping things fully functional. Inside you will find everything from built-in bunk beds that utilize every inch of space to seating areas that soaks in the breathtaking scenery. Have a look at another beautiful home tour that we have featured from the portfolio of Denton House Design Group: Mountain modern home hovers above the Montana wilderness.

What We Love: This amazing mountain house offers its inhabitants luxurious yet comfortable living spaces to enjoy as a vacation retreat. Open and airy, this is the perfect home for entertaining family and friends. Expansive windows frame views of the spectacular surroundings while bathing interior spaces with natural light. Locati Architects is one of our favorites and has designed yet another breathtaking home for us to drool over… How about you readers, do you find this home to be an amazing feat of architecture and design? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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