Luxury camp style refuge built for entertaining on the Uruguayan coast

This cosmopolitan, cozy, open and unconventional house was designed by , located in José Ignacio, one of the most exclusive places on the Uruguayan coast. This luxurious camp house is a true reflection of its owners—Geoff is an Aussie, while Sarah is an American. They discovered their dream home, set in a small coastal city that is just minutes from the capital of Uruguay.

This fabulous home is set on a six-acres site, nestled between the sea and a lagoon and surrounded by pine and eucalyptus forests. Instead of a large common house, we find an atypical construction, consisting of several cabins and tents. The homeowners goal for this property was to design a compound where they could entertain guests, who could have some privacy and independence, yet share moments together outside—the barbecue and swimming pool. The architect devised a luxury camp.

After graduating from architecture school, the architect had toured the world for several years, inspired by traditional beach house of New Zealand. He applies this inspiration to the houses he designs, making outdoor spaces equally as important as interior living spaces. Additionally, blurring lines between indoors and out thanks to large sliding glass doors.

In the structures that architect has devised, the wood stands out, in a natural finish or dyed in black—blending perfectly with the lush vegetation of the region. The decoration, rich in natural materials, white and earth tones, also seems to reflect the surroundings of this home, creating a calming environment. Everything is in perfect harmony.

What We Love: This luxury camp style home offers its inhabitants a cozy refuge to live and entertain family and friends. Open and airy living spaces are directly connected with nature thanks to expansive windows and walls of glass that connects to the outdoors. A neutral color palette offers relaxation and a welcoming environment that helps to not detract from the natural beauty that surrounds this coastal pad… Readers, please share with us your thoughts on this home, could you picture yourself vacationing here?

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Photos: Juan Velandia

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