Compact yet bright and airy warehouse style apartment in Sweden

A former factory was converted into a residential condo building in central Stockholm, Sweden, featuring this tastefully designed apartment home with a timeless warehouse style. Encompassing just 624 square feet (58 square meters) of living space, highlights includes tall windows, brick walls and concrete beams. Prior to the renovation, this home was an empty shell, with barren walls, lack of windows, with patched floors and without a kitchen and bathroom.

After a complete overhaul, this home showcases beautiful modern aesthetics, where the industrial character still plays the main role and where it is the details that create the whole. The overall result is more than successful. A modern and peaceful double room with open spaces, striking ceilings, an industrial glass wall that shields from the bedroom and with two huge west-facing windows that runs from floor to ceiling.

The living room and kitchen forms a social and open plan living area. The area is characterized by high ceilings, whitewashed walls and generous surfaces, creating an open and airy feel. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame the city views below. Some are openable, which turns into a “French balcony” when weather permits. The black color of the window compliments the black power switches, painted water pipes, forging details and an industrial glass wall in black.

What We Love: This bright and airy warehouse style apartment features whitewashed walls and generous surfaces despite its compact size. Walls of glass adds to the feeling of spaciousness, while an open layout keeps this small footprint feeling larger than it really is. Stylish furnishings and fixtures adds to the overall aesthetic, offering an appealing urban home for those who love to entertain family and friends.

Readers, what do you think of this home, could you picture yourself living here or do you find it to compact for functional living? Let us know in the comments!

Above: The bedroom and living room are separated by a glass wall with a black frame that gives character. The wall is custom made by a blacksmith who works in Gothenburg. The white painted brick wall contrasts beautifully with the regular brick wall. Tip: To shut out light and life for a while, attaching heavy velvet curtains to the ceiling gives a cozy and exclusive feel, or why not just silent curtains …

Above: The kitchen cabinets are gray, with Carrara marble countertops, while the entire wall is decorated with white subway tile with dark gray joints.

Above: The save space, the washer/dryer has been placed in the bathroom. Carraram marble is found on the floor with underfloor heating and tiled walls in white and with dark gray joints.


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