Rustic Meets Contemporary: Hillside Home in the Rocky Mountains

Granite outcrops, steep slopes and spectacular views defines this contemporary family home designed by . The dwelling is located on the beautiful alpine hillside of Sunshine Canyon, just west of Boulder, Colorado. Two linear volumes are stacked and crossed, reaching out to mountain views to the south, and city lights to the east. Sliding barn doors and a gabled roof tap into the forms and materials of nearby historic barns. Colorado’s vernacular style combines with the clean lines of modernism.

The 3,160 square foot building is responsive and adaptive to its environment. It addresses the topography, wind and light patterns, and the movement of the sun. Rolling barn door shutters close down the house from the cold and wind at night and open it up to the views and sun of the day. A 3.6kW solar array produces 100% of the home’s electric needs. An open floor plan allows daylight and breezes to naturally filter through all sides of the three bedroom, three bathroom home.

Exposed beams, rusted steel cladding, and industrial-size barn doors visually link the home to the community’s rural roots, but principally serve to create a fire- resistant, maintenance-free structure. Corten steel complements the landscape as it ages with a weathered, natural patina. The 2010 forest fires above Boulder, Colorado ravaged this property and burned down a cherished wood cabin. In the cabin’s place is now a smart, spirited house that connects to the past and looks towards the future.

What We Love: This spectacular hillside home features a beautiful gabled roof form and rustic materials that recalls the regions early vernacular. The design elements of this home seek to visually connect it to the surrounding landscape, including sliding barn doors, exposed beams and rusted steel cladding. This new home fulfills the homeowner’s vision to create a family home that melds with its landscape, while creating little disturbance to the site.

Readers, what are your overall thoughts on the design of this home, are there any details that you think should have been done differently? Please share your thoughts in the Comments below!

Photos: Dana Miller

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