23 Inspiring outdoor garden fountains to add tranquility to your landscape

Garden fountains can add a wonderful element to your landscape, creating visual interest and reducing noise pollution with the tranquil sounds of moving water. Before heading out to your closest garden center to purchase a fountain or pick up a fountain kit to create your own, you may wish to consider placement. This may be a starting point to your outdoor scheme, where you create a whole garden area around your fountain. So plan carefully so you will be happy with your overall design. This should create a relaxing environment for you to enjoy when you spend time outdoors. Have a look below for some fantastic ideas and be sure to let us know which of the garden fountains is most inspiring to you and why in the Comments below!

1. A terracotta urn was sealed to hold up to the water use, purchased from Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach. The pot is sitting on a poured in place colored concrete wall cap, which has a light sand blast finish. The spout is aged metal (purchased online), while the ornamental iron backplate is from an architectural salvage yard. The fountain was constructed out of CMU block, while the basin is gunnite—just like a swimming pool. The stones were Dakota ledge stone, Farm House ledge stone and Wild Horse, sourced from . (via )

2. There are two seperate water features in this backyard, with the intent to create the feeling of water flowing/moving throughout the site. The large basin has its own pump and filter system, while the Rill (made of stainless steel) pours into an underground water basin with its own recirculating pump. (via )

3. A home in Vermont has multiple water features coming out of Cor-Ten steel wall panels into a trough. (via )

4. This is a custom built water feature, constructed with a natural ledge stone and pumps and spillways with an underground basin. The water feature measures 5′ tall by 4′ wide. A shredded ground cover mulch, and planted material is a mix of grasses (blue fescue) and succulents. The decking material framing the plantings is 12″ x 24″ plank tile. (via )

5. The Sunset Idea House in Lake Tahoe, California features this backyard gem. Recalling gold-mining flumes, this runnel-like recirculating fountain uses water from a buried cistern. (via )

6. This garden fountain is the perfect idea for the DIY’er. It was devised using a  30-inch-wide glazed and sealed stoneware bowl (around $100), and fitted with a small bubbler pump (around $20; from the Home Depot). The bubbler just stirs the water, so you do not need a reservoir underneath. River rocks adds to the aesthetic (a bag is around $10, Home Depot). (via  for Sunset Magazine)

7. This garden is located not too far from the freeway, so this burbling water fountain acts as a fantastic noise buffer. (via  for Sunset Magazine)

8. This calming wall fountain in Walnut Creek, California features a copper back and water trough that defines the smooth stucco wall. (via )

9. In the center of a courtyard, surrounded by multi-tiered raised beds, is a column water fountain that spills down into the rocks and disappears underground. (via  for Sunset Magazine)

10. A bamboo water spout trickles into a stone bowl, set into a bed of river rocks. The bamboo is set into a cedar column. The pergola is 12’x12′. (via )

11. The bubbler rock is a natural basalt column that has been core-drilled to allow water to spill-out of the top. You can also visit a local landscape supplier to find something similar, such as a pre-cast concrete bubbler rocks, which looks like real stone, but is much lighter and can be installed yourself. (via )

12. A multi-tiered water feature is comprised of plate steel, set in a garden courtyard and surrounded by gravel and Lueders limestone. (via )

13. Here, a custom fabricated steel spout spills into an elongated pond. The grassy plant in the water is a Papyrus plant. The plant in the far back is a banana tree, set in a custom designed cor-ten steel planter. A post of succulents is set in welded steel, also custom designed. The Chill Lounge chair on the deck is from . The wall framing this space is a mix of old weathered redwood and new redwood. (via )

14. This custom poured-concrete water feature creates an eye-catching focal point that starts at an upper deck and spills into a trough below in the main garden. (via )

15. A tranquil patio features a large ceramic urn that collects water from a spigot, pumped through a stucco wall partition. (via for Sunset Magazine)

16. This garden fountain features a custom concrete pot made by a local craftsman and the filler is fabricated from stainless steel. The plants surrounding the fountain are: Sago palm, monstera, red Ti leaf and croton. (via )

17. A rooftop garden features an Ipe pergola, bench and decking. A custom fabricated water feature offers a tranquil oasis in the heart of New York City. The plants surrounding this water feature includes: Hydrangea Petiolaris, Lagerstroemia, Wisteria Floribunda, Sempervivum, Fothergilla, Juniperus Procumbens, Juniperus Torulosa, Calamagrostis Acutifolia, Flower Carpet Roses, Nepeta Fansenii, Juniper Procumbens, Lavender, Lagerstroemia, Sempervivum, Colocasia, Water Lettuce and Water Hyacinth. (via )

18. A garden pot fountain features pebbles surrounding it to give an authentic feel. This urn features a small bubbler pump, which can turn any container into a personal water fountain. You can also find pumps that are solar powered, perfect if you don’t have an outlet accessible! The greenery around the flagstone is Mazus, a perennial ground cover, with a blue flower in spring. (via )

19. A deer catcher fountain features a copper basin that works perfectly in a small courtyard garden. (via )

20. The water fountain is a drilled basalt dish rock sitting on a grate, which spans a small reservoir. It holds a lot of water and does not require much filling. By removing the pebbles in the front, it’s easy to access and remove the pump and to clean the reservoir. The water stays pretty clean of algae since sunlight is only on the water in the dish rock. The green ground cover is called Irish Moss. (via )

21. The water fountains were purchased from , they ship anywhere in the US!  The designer selected pots that were converted into fountains. LED lighting was added within. After your fountain is set up, cover the area with smooth black stones so that your basins are hidden and your pots pop. The fountains are on timers to run 8-10 hours a day to prevent algae and mosquitos. The small plants along the edge of the garden are Dwarf Mondo Grass, which makes for excellent groundcover that fills in but are not invasive. The yellow flowers are Black Eyed Susans. (via )

22. A a jet-style fountain was custom designed for this outdoor oasis. The stone used for the paving in the gazebo is Coeur d’Alene Limestone. (via )

23. This custom water fountain features recycled stone wall caps (largest one is approx. 30″ x 20″), drilled and plumbed and set over an underground reservoir; a pump recirculates the water. (via )

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