Contemporary family dwelling nestled on the Sydney Harbour shore

This spectacular contemporary family dwelling was designed by South African-based , located in Double Bay, a harbourside eastern suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This newly developed home features a youthful yet sophisticated design, nestled on a north-facing cove. The site borders a recreational park and a public pier which juts out into the bay. From the principle park elevation the new building appears as a collection of planes; a play on space, privacy and threshold.

“Graphite grey sail screens (made from “Kaynemaile,” a polycarbonate chainmail developed in New Zealand for the Lord of the Rings movies) are rigged just off the house providing privacy from the road,” states the architects. “Timber cladding, plastered mass walls, a wood-clad soffit and the exaggerated cill of a bay window punched through the sail screens, are layered into further planes”. This not only creates depth but provides privacy while maximizing natural light and views towards the park.

Project Team: Architects: SAOTA / Architects in Association: Tanner Kibble Denton Architects / Interior Design: ARRCC / Contractor: Horizon / Consulting Engineers: ACOR Consultant / Landscaping: Wyer & Co / Lighting Design: Point of View

Above: Set into the facade is a glass-enclosed stairwell, protectively wrapped by timber louvres. This gently curved outline contrasts with the surrounding glass box and mediates between the formal entryway and the bedrooms above.

Above: The home features a U-shaped plan, where the entryway is linked between two wings, separated by an internal garden that allows views to the bay beyond.

The bayside wing of this contemporary family dwelling features an open layout. Stairs, rather than walls, delineate the raised kitchen and family dining from more formal areas. These stairs extend seawards into the garden forming a line of axis drawing the eye out to the view and providing privacy from the adjacent public road.

The garden is raised above the towpath to provide additional privacy from the beach and to dissolve the distinction between the garden and bay from within. This is emphasized in the pool whose orientation and extension towards the water makes a clear connection between the two.

Above: Materials were carefully selected to site the house; the use of wood, white walls and travertine floors reflect the seaside setting. Off-shutter concrete is used as a playful accent which, like the rendered walls, appears almost soft and textured in contrast to crisp folds of screen and aluminum.

Above: The architects sister company, interiors studio ARRCC, created a refined decor palette to suit the home and complement the client’s artworks.

What We Love: The architects successfully displayed their signature style in this stunning home, characterized by clean lines, light forms and lush vegetation. All these details combine to create a design that feel right at home on this amazing property. The architects have successfully blurred the lines between indoors and out, adding a fresh, layered composition that balances the lifestyle needs of a young family with a wow factor.

An over-sailing timber roof canopy connects the street side to the garden and the beach. It permeates the interior, presenting itself at odd moments, it protects and defines the collection of internal and external spaces composed beneath. From the water it is a defining motif; expressive of lightness, reflective of the sea and the canopies of the trees.

Above: From the street and bay view, the other predominant elevation of the house, the largely glazed lower story is lost below crisp white walls, black framed window boxes and sail screens. A large Lilly-Pilly tree was preserved and frames the street side of the elevation.

Photos: Adam Letch

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