Striking contemporary home in Brazil surrounded by tropical vegetation

A two-story residence surrounded by lush, tropical landscaping of São Paulo, Brazil is the incredible contemporary vision of architects . The project was completed in 2012 showcasing 11,098 square feet (1,031 square meters) of sprawling interior living spaces that were designed to be completely integrated with the exterior landscaping. Affording complete privacy from the street thanks to a massive stone wall, a smooth transition between indoors and out seems to happen quite naturally.

With sliding glass panels that folds away to reveal living rooms open to the outside world, seeming more like expansive patios graciously framed by architecture. The walls are decorated with contemporary art, while furnishings are a collection of vintage pieces intermingled with family memories. Outside, outdoor lounge spaces and an expansive sparkling swimming pool awaits those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Interior living environments are characterized by clean lines and minimally designed spaces, keeping the home low-maintenance and very comfortable and relaxing. Gardens surrounding the property creates a tranquil environment to enjoy both indoors and out. Upstairs are the private zones of the home, which has wooden slates to allow views to the outdoors, but shades the spaces from the harsh sun.

What We Love: How walls of glass meld away to expose the interior living spaces to the outdoor environment, creating a seamless connection to the lush gardens and landscaping. The mix of materials used in this home of wood, stone and glass creates a beautiful contemporary vision that one can easily enjoy living in! What do you think, is this your style of architecture. Let us know why or why not in the comments section at the end of this article.

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Photos: MCA Estudio

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