Decked out for the holidays: A flat in Madrid with Nordic styled interiors

The re-design of a flat in Madrid, Spain offers a brand new interior layout that has gained meters, functionality and plenty of style. The key to this project was the demolition of two partitions, which separated the kitchen from the living room, and the entrance, to get an open concept layout. The reform was completed by changing the color of the walls to white, and replacing the flooring with a lighter one with a whitish patina.

The base of the house is white, natural wood and plants — three of the keys that define the Nordic style. The homeowner has also featured her home on , you can see more of it here: . Her style, simplicity and the peaceful atmosphere of her rooms have inspired her to decorate her house. Although her home features Nordic styled interiors, a careful selection of textiles adds warmth.

Above: Thanks to a brilliant renovation, the living room reflects a bright and transparent space. To make the living area feel warmer, the floor has been covered with a textured area rug, sourced from Lorena Canals. The rug also helps to visually separate the living room from the dining room.

An enthusiast of Nordic styled interiors, the homeowner has decorated her house with furniture with refined lines, white and wood, but she has also known how to create living spaces with decorative compositions and natural plants that, in addition to invigorating the decoration, arouse visual interest.

Focal points throughout the interiors were created using bursts of color to instantly renew the decoration. Red adds character and is also associated with Christmas decoration, while creating an ideal contrast with black and white. The red candles and domes with LEDs are from Ikea.

Above: A Nordic style tree does not overload this small space. Without green branches, with an ultra-clear wooden structure and flat decorations.

Above: White is the dominant color of the decoration, which helps to spread natural light in the living area and composes a suitable background to give relief to the contrasts from accessories and plants.

Above: Comfortable and functional, the corner sofa is a key piece in Ana Isabel’s living room, which has Nordic-style Christmas decor. A pair of tables without edges accompanies the sofa, which makes circulation more fluid. The tree is from Amazon, while the decoration come from Zara Home and Blaubloom.

Above: In the new open concept layout of the house, the dining room has been placed next to the wall to create an imaginary corridor that allows one to pass from one environment to another without having to overcome obstacles.

What We Love: This beautiful home with Nordic styled interiors and brilliant Christmas decor showcases a cozy atmosphere. We are especially loving the kitchen, which was reconfigured with the removal of walls to feature an open plan design to the dining and living room. Overall, this home is warm and welcoming and embraces the holiday spirit!

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Above: Accents of red helps to celebrate the season. The table is decorated for a holiday party and with just a pinch of gold, the presentation of the table turns out brilliant! Houseware and accessories, by Ikea.

Above: A peninsula has been designed to enhance the work space and seating in this open, compact kitchen. The layout also helps to visually separate the kitchen from the living room. The countertop is Silestone, in the color Kensho. The counter stools were sourced from SKLUM.

Above: With a current aesthetic, combining white and gray, this space has been organized on two fronts; cooking, which dispenses with high cabinets so as not to overload the space and extends to a window, and the one formed by a column with an oven and microwave, and a refrigerator. The cabinets feature white gloss laminated fronts, while the appliances are from Bosch.

Above: Behind the entrance door there was hardly any space … The solution: a metal grid and knobs to hang the essentials. The LED strip of warm light subtly illuminates the wall.

Above: In the child’s bedroom are notes of gray, brown, off-white and sand in furniture and textiles, exuding naturalness. A touch of femininity was introduced in the pink tones that, in addition, bring luminosity to a mix of fabrics and contrast with the plinth of lamas. Sources: Staircase bedside table and dusty pink bedspread, Ikea. Tree and reindeer, Blaubloom. Luminous star, Amazon.

Above: The white walls make up a snowy background, perfect for highlighting the cushions that, with their varied prints, encourage the decoration of the bedroom. An ideal and very inspiring contrast is created by the mix of wood, black and white tones.

Above: True to the Nordic style, white spreads natural light and the black details of the wall add color. Sources: Desk, by El Globo Muebles. Chair, of Gifts Miguel. Mirror, bookcase and panel, by Maisons du Monde.

Above: In this corner of the bedroom unfolds the charm and simplicity of the Nordic style, with refined furniture and black brushstrokes.


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