Beautiful apartment decorated with holiday sparkle in Barcelona

Located in Barcelona, Spain is the family home of decorator Elena Castells Poch, beautifully decorated for the festive holiday season. The decorator invites the whole family and the children to participate in every detail of the decor. The Christmas tree measures 9-feet and is from .

This house is the ‘private project’ of the decorator, who arranged this apartment to adapt to the lifestyle needs of her family. The decorator applied the maxim she uses with her clients — asking them what they want to keep and what they do not want to give up. In the corner of the living room she kept the built-in library, which is ‘so English’ and gives the home warmth.

What We Love: For the most magical time of the year, the decorator and owner of this home has sought to create a pleasant and comfortable home. She has created a very livable home to enjoy all year, especially at Christmas! We are loving all of the charming ornaments and beautiful tree and elements of gold all through the home, making it so festive… Readers, what do you think of the holiday decorations of this wonderful apartment? Please share with us in the Comments below!

Above: For the little ones, the tree with the balls and the stars is the most beautiful thing in the world. Golden stars of balls, sourced from Coton et Bois.

Above: The gifts are placed in a basket. To wrap them, the family uses  designed by Marisa Bernal. The basket is from .

Above: On the coffee table, the three paper angels are by Marisa Bernal. The star candle holders are from , while the sofa cushions in the background are from .

Above: Adorning the coffee table is a great DIY idea: a wreath with a candle creates a lovely centerpiece. The LED glimmer strings (the accent lights on the wreath) can be found at places such as Pier 1 and Kirklands.

Above: The gifts and the balls are wrapped with the same ribbons. They were designed by Marisa Bernal.

Above: The kitchen can be seen in the background of the dining room, visually separated by glass. When entertaining, it is ideal to have everything at hand while the guests arrive, and the decoration of the kitchen is marked by the chandelier in the dining room.

Above: The kitchen is a continuous piece of furniture to the dining room. In the kitchen, it is used to store and towards the dining room it serves as a sideboard. The countertop is from .

Above: In this house, the table is set and enjoyed by the family. The golden dishware is by Zara Home. The baskets are from Blue Earth.

Sources: The tableware and glass bells are from Coton et Bois. The medallions with initials, by Marisa Bernal. The cups are from Zara Home. The golden stars, by Coton et Bois. The garland is from Foimpex.

Above: A mix of wood details and pine branches adorns the countertop. Wooden letters and candle holder, Coton et Bois. The garland of lights is from Foimpex.

Above: A beautiful centerpiece on the dining table features a fresh garland of flowers wrapped around a pillar candle for ambiance.

Above: The master bedroom features some Christmas touches. A decorator’s tip to decorate for Christmas: A good idea is to use the colors of the season or fashion. Mustard has been carried in from the other spaces in the home, mixed in with accessories such as cushions, plaids, and Christmas decorations! The golds work well together and adds a festive touch.

Above: The garland on the headboard is from Coton et Bois. All candles are Muy Mucho. Gifts are wrapped with paper by Marisa Bernal.

Photos: El Mueble

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