Breathtaking Mediterranean style villa in Arizona melds into mountainside

This Mediterranean style villa designed by  in collaboration with  is nestled into Black Mountain, in Carefree, Arizona. Set on 2.5 acres of desert mountain property, this abode offers sweeping views of the valley below. The homeowner purchased the land back in 1978 and then got married, had a family and lived 20 miles away, waiting for the day when she would build her dream home.

The couple would travel on trips to Italy and get inspired by the rustic architectural qualities and furnishings they wanted to incorporate. The goal of the homeowners was to create a design that appears to have been around for generations, with rooms that appear to be added on by way of varying building techniques. The design team spent some time analyzing the property in order to maximize its climbing topography and sight lines.

Project Team: Interior Designer: Wiseman & Gale Interiors / Architect: H&S International / Home Builder: Shiloh / 
Landscape Architect: Enchanted Garden Landscape, Inc.

The size and placement of each room was integral to the design, as was the allocation of the windows, in order to optimize the enchanting views. As for the interior furnishings, the couple realized that the Provincial style was too ornate for their taste, yet they wished to have a similar styling but much more pared down.

The designer sourced furnishings and fixtures that not only honored the homeowner’s desire for warmth and comfort, but also with a very timeless yet clean lined aesthetic. There is a harmonious mix of designer pieces with a sprinkling of antiques, yet all the fabrics have a heavy texture to capture the mood.

The builder and designer incorporated authentic materials into the design scheme, ranging from American barn wood and burnished European timber beams to reclaimed French firebrick and limestone, wide plank oak flooring that was milled in Belgium and oxidized scrap steel, all of which creates an aged appeal.

The interior walls consist of layers thick plastered concrete, and the exterior masonry creatively blends varying timeworn stones and bricks with hand-tinted grouting in varying colors. The architecture seems to meld into the mountainside and the mix of beautiful plantings helps to further enhance this connection.

What We Love: This Mediterranean style villa offers beautiful living spaces both indoors and out. We are loving every detail of this stunning abode, from the material elements of stone and wood to the stylish furnishings, fixtures and accessories. Large windows frame the majestic views of the desert landscape and valley below…. Readers, please share what details in this home caught your eye and why in the Comments below!

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Photos: Laura Moss Photography

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