950 Square foot guest cabin in Wyoming immersed in a woodsy setting

This beautiful guest cabin was the first phase of a master planned compound designed by , nestled along Fish Creek in Jackson HoleWyoming. Designed for an architect and his wife, the retreat is situated on a gently sloping, five acre wooded site. Comprised of 950 square feet, the focal point to the design was to immerse the owners into nature, awakening the senses through sight and sound. Sited next to a rushing stream, one feels a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

Large expanses of windows opens to the outside and brings sunlight in. The house was oriented to take advantage of the forested views on three sides of its axis, with the four side directed towards the stream. A exterior facade forms a simple rectangular box, merging with the natural environment. The zoning for the guest house was limited to 1,000 square feet, so the design scheme was compact yet highly functional. The interiors are comprised of a bedroom on one side of the home and the bath on the other, delineated by a glass enclosed living zone, encompassing a small galley style kitchen.

The exterior of the home is clad with cedar shingles and bonderized steel. The interiors feature natural and light toned materials such as white oak flooring, doors and millwork. The lighter palette helps to keep the small space bright and airy. The bedroom is positioned with a large corner window to create the experience of living in the woods. Outdoor decks allow guests to enjoy their surroundings and take advantage of the creek.

Since the home is on a heavily wooded site, the architect was not able to use solar, but south-facing windows uses sunlight to passively heat the space. There is also a wood burning stove that can be used during the winter months. Boulders excavated during the building process were incorporated into the retaining walls to complement the natural setting. 

What We Love: This fantastic guest cabin is surrounded by a peaceful woodsy setting that makes it ideal for hosting extended family. Although small and intimate, the open floor plan feels quite spacious. The architect had originally lived in this home for a few years until he could build the main residence on the property. The overall design proves that more space doesn’t necessarily make for a better home! … We at Fitflopsale-Singapore love hearing your thoughts, what do you think of this guest retreat? Please let us know in the Comments!

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Photos: Matthew Millman Photography

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