Striking modern farmhouse retreat surrounded by Napa Valley vineyards

This beautiful modern farmhouse retreat was designed by in collaboration with , located in Napa Valley, California. A Bay Area couple who were looking for a refuge to relax on the weekends with their two young children as well as entertaining friends. The property is surrounded by trees that have been there for hundreds of years, making one feel very relaxed and grounded. 

The built environment was not as remarkable, as the only structure on the property was a dilapidated barn. Although beyond repair, the barn was full of inspiration. The architects devised a new barn that was built for overnight guests and entertaining. The aesthetics of the barn was carried over to the main residence, a modernized version of a traditional farmhouse.

Project Team: Architecture: Field Architecture / Interior Design: Shawback Design / Home Builder: Grassi & Associates, Inc. / Landscape Architecture: Surfacedesign, Inc.

What We Love: This stunning modern farmhouse retreat features amazing carpentry and stylish details throughout. We are especially loving the unique light fixtures and beautiful color palette. A wonderful indoor-outdoor connection helps to frame the gorgeous surroundings of the old growth trees and vineyards. This farmhouse would be a very relaxing place to retreat to for family weekend getaways… Readers, what do you think? Would this be your idea of the perfect vacation home? Tell us in the Comments!

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Above: British Columbia-based was contracted to mill all of the beautiful structural beams and columns seen throughout the home.

“The home is a rich layering of textures; the sleek plaster walls of the house are striking against the lush green setting of a Napa vineyard,” states Shawback Design. “Clean and modern, the home is given a warmth and depth by a material palette that starts by pairing concrete, still holding in its texture the character of the forms that made it, with soft upholstery and bright pops of color. A tight-grain wood maintains the simplicity of the palette while inviting in more complex warmth and depth, and allowing the more rustic details of the project to stand out without overpowering a project that remains distinctly modern in its feel.”

Above: The light fixture over the dining table was custom designed by San Francisco-based artist . The fixture consists of knotted rope attached to blown-glass globes.

Above: A color palette of blues, grays and lavender are reflected both indoors and out — inspired by the wife’s personal style. Artisans were contracted to custom fabricate a lot of the furnishings seen throughout, which includes the master bed and the dining table in the barn. 

Above: The compound is set within one of the valley’s oldest zinfandel vineyards. Boundaries were eliminated to make the structures feel like they are a part of the site. The infinity pool anchors the main patio, used as a place for recreation and as a reflecting pool.

Above: Enclosed breezeways and strategically placed windows of this farmhouse perfectly frames the surrounding landscape. The project team worked hard to create a plan where the home’s inhabitants would feel like they were sitting in the vineyards, even when they are indoors.

Above: The cascading light fixture over the dining table was custom fabricated by Brooklyn artists. It is meant to mimic the magic of the nighttime constellations that glows over Napa Valley.

Photos: Joe FletcherMatthew Millman for

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