30+ Wonderfully Inspiring She Shed Ideas For Your Backyard Getaway

Get away from it all without ever having to leave your backyard garden by designing a she shed, one of the greatest trends that is perfect for the season. A she shed is similar to a man cave, but it is outdoors in a shed that is transformed into a cozy retreat. If you already have an existing structure on your property, consider converting it into your private oasis. These spaces can be used to indulge in your hobbies, such as crafting, writing, reading, painting or just relaxing from your busy family life.

Build your backyard escape with these creative she shed ideas that we have put together for you below. Each one comes complete with further information and sources for DIY how-to. Readers, don’t forget to pin these fabulous she shed ideas and tell us which one most inspired you and why in the Comments below!

1. This artist’s garden room in Perthshire, Scotland is fully insulated, constructed with SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels) for year-round use. Triple Glazed Aluminium clad doors and windows and clad with Scottish Larch. There are two roof lights at the back of the structure to maximize use of daylight. (via )

2. This rustic shed is composed of re-purposed vintage windows and doors along with urban forested pine lumber, sourced from Pacific Coast Lumber. This cozy and inviting space is ideal for outdoor entertaining and relaxing, as it has a drop-down countertop when the windows are open. The interior features shiplap style paneling. (via )

3. A grain shed was transformed into an amazing backyard getaway, complete with shabby-chic styling. The room is approximately 16×10 feet. (via )

4. A shabby-chic style shed in Catskills New York is a converted 9×14 hunting cabin. You can find similar cottages on . See the full home tour that we have featured here: Shabby-chic gingerbread house. (via )

5. This garden retreat uses a variety of upcylced windows and doors that add charm and character. When constructing your own she-shed, you can save on costs by using salvaged materials. (via )

6. A she shed/garden room for a stay-at-home mom of two, this wooden backyard retreat is a slice of heaven. This structure was constructed almost exclusively from recycled pallet wood. This structure provides a work/ play room, a playhouse, 2 climbing walls, slide and swing and under the slide is a wood store. The roof has potted plants, tomatoes and many wild flowers. (via )

7. This beautiful she-shed has been transformed into a lovely crafts studio. This space offers lots of windows, light and a rustic/eclectic feel. The blue accent color on the doors provides an inviting farmhouse feel. (via )

8. A she shed full of vintage character, built using reclaimed materials almost exclusively. Reclaimed brick was used for the foundation, reclaimed shiplap and tin for the roof, reclaimed 2×4’s and 4×4’s for the structure, and the entire shed was encased with reclaimed 105 siding, still with it’s white chippy paint. The shed also has reclaimed windows and the doors. (via )

9. A cozy backyard escape complete lanterns for nighttime ambiance. (via Instagram user )

10. A gardening “chic shed” is the ultimate backyard getaway for gardener’s. This sun-drenched, glass-enclosed potting shed is located in Douglasville, Georgia. Consisting of 600 square feet, there are 139 salvaged windows, five French doors. The windows were mapped out like a giant jigsaw puzzle. This space is used for planning, potting, pruning, and anything else related to gardening. The green trim is painted in Tarrytown Green by Benjamin Moore. (via )

11. This cozy she shed is small yet inviting, decorated with wicker furnishings, comfortable cushions and toss pillows. An area rug helps to ground the space and provide cozy texture under foot. Large french doors opens the space to the outdoors, bringing in sunshine and fresh air. (via )

12. A Spanish style she shed is surrounded by beautiful, lush gardens and a water fountain to create a serene environment. (via )

13. The owners of this she shed in North Carolina purchased the structure they had spotted on a bulletin board. An arbor, deck and shade sails were added. The shades were attached to posts that were built using dead trees on the property. (via )

14. An enchanting hideaway in Laguna Niguel, California, the homeowner has called this her “Japanese tea house”. The charming structure was made from a kit by Visscher Specialty Products. This rustic cabin-like shed is decorated with a Zen feel, including a koi windsock, stone pagoda and a potted Egyptian papyrus. (via Lisa Hallett Taylor)

15. This she shed is made entirely out of recycled/reclaimed materials. The concept for the design was a lush-getaway from the chaos of the everyday. A place where you could go to — right in your backyard — and feel like you’re on vacation. (via )

16. A shabby-chic style shed graces the backyard of a home in Doddington, England. This space was once a dilapidated cottage that had existed on the property. It has since been transformed into a cheerful lounge, used for working, relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine. (via )

17. This dreamy she shed is used as a writer’s retreat, set on a sprawling farm… the perfect backyard office! (via )

18. This 10’x10′ shed in Oregon was inspired by a trip to Bali, constructed entirely out of reclaimed materials. A the series of 30 windows, there are only eight that can be opened to the outdoors. It took two years to complete this shed, but it only cost $600. The shed is used as a meditation space, featuring a rug, a small trunk/table and prayer flags in the interior. (via Sarah Greenman)

19. Designer Rachel Roe’s “She Shed” is a backyard work space that boasts reclaimed materials, a loft, and plenty of inspirational details. On the interior, the floors are composed of reclaimed 100-year-old wood beams. Also adding to the interior aesthetic are custom casement windows. Highlights to the outdoors includes a terra cotta chimney, a front porch adorned with window planter boxes and a side porch with twinkle lights. (via )

20. A cozy sewing shed also features a small jewelry making bench for a professional jewelry artist in London. There is also plenty of desk space for designing (and for cutting fabric too). A crafter’s paradise! (via )

21. In Kent, Ohio, this charming shed is a miniature version of the main house, right down to the planter urns! The interior features faux plywood flooring painted to look like tiles. Adults are not the only ones who can indulge in a she shed, this 55-square-foot structure was built for mother-daughter quality time. The space is designed to be used for reading, tea parties, playing and sleepovers. (via )

22. An outbuilding on the property was converted into the ultimate she shed/home office. The flooring is seagrass, offering durability and a relaxed vibe. Several of the office items are sourced from IKEA and The Container Store. The ceiling is painted Quicksand CSP-200 | Benjamin Moore, while the walls and trim are White Dove OC-17 | Benjamin Moore. (via )

23. Crickhollow Cottage was once a basic child’s playhouse transformed into a potting shed and adult playhouse. The space uses recycled and re-purposed treasures spotted at thrift stores. Picket fence railing and bridge, rose topiary-themed shutters and an octagon window were added to the structure. The interiors features bead board paneling, an antique tin ceiling from a Habitat ReStore. (via )

24. A potting/garden room sided with recycled wood pallets, the flooring is a slate tile. For those who love spending time in nature gardening, this is the ultimate she shed. A worktable allows for various other activities such as making flower arrangements and DIY wreaths. (via )

25. A backyard garden retreat for all seasons, this she shed is the perfect outdoor oasis. Although small, slide open the doors and indoor-outdoor boundaries are blurred. The owners work from home, so they use this space as a relaxing getaway from the internet to curl up with a good book. This shed comes as a kit, a 10 x 8 Waltons Contemporary Summerhouse with a Side Shed. (via )

26. A Victorian style shed in North Carolina is nestled in a tranquil oasis of gardens and forest. The front of the shed features a trellis overlaying the siding, adding a beautiful custom detail. (via )

27. Homepolish designer Paige Morse commissioned a contractor to push two dilapidated sheds in her backyard together. They were taken down to the studs and plank walls were added. A color scheme of crisp white and elegant ebony graces this feminine shed. The space also includes a small kitchenette and a vintage tub. The result is a backyard retreat for indulging to your hearts content! (via )

28. This gorgeous potting shed is decorated with fabulous salvage and recycled finds. The outside is adorned with colorful blooms, old letters and vintage garden tools. (via )

29. A rustic garden shed is covered with vines, a special place in the garden to relax and unwind. The shed features old windows and reclaimed wood. Inside, the space offers a sink, potted plants, a stool and a small library filled with gardening books. (via )

30. A fairy tale style shed, this space has two floors, where the second floor loft is accessible via a permanent ladder inside. A small window features shutters that swing out cottage style. Old windows and an old door were repurposed, while the shutters and window boxes were custom built for the shed. (via )

31. Inspired by old windows, this shed is used as a greenhouse, garden house, hobby place or photography studio, etc. The old windows are covered with plastic during the window since they are not energy-efficient. On the interior, there is a loft space accessed via a ladder, brick flooring and shelves for plants. (via )

32. If you don’t wish to construct your own she shed, consider purchasing one already made. This cozy, rustic backyard retreat in Idaho features feminine vintage charm. This converted shed is the Sundance TR-700 shed from Tuff Shed. The interiors are decorated with a comfortable sofa and vintage finds for a relaxing escape. (via )

33. This she shed provides a fabulous backyard escape, complete with a cozy daybed and French doors that swings open to invite the outdoor inside. (via )

34. Inspiring creativity, this cozy shed features a ceiling lined with book pages, tulle for drapes, a cozy sofa with a vintage trunk/coffee table, reading desk and a full bookshelf. A brightly patterned rug adds a pop of color as does the painted walls. String lights and a chandelier creates ambiance and reading light. (via )

35. An artist retreat was crafted from a regular 8’x12′ storage shed, with plenty of style added to it. Use your own design ideas to create a private refuge in your backyard garden. ()

36. An old potting shed was transformed into a 10- by 12-foot greenhouse with a tempered-glass roof (note: see image above this one for the exterior). Surrounding the she shed is peach trees and concord grape vines, while a veggie garden lines the path to the doorway. Eleven windows were picked up from a salvage yard to be used in the design, while panes of tempered glass on the roof helps to form the greenhouse. Vintage furnishings and accessories decorates the space, which is used as an escape to and curl up with a book, paint, or entertain friends. (via )

37. This shed shed serves as an artist studio in a backyard of Harpersville, Alabama (note: see image above this one for the exterior). With 480-square-feet, this Victorian greenhouse meets Alabama farmhouse style space consists of 48 salvaged windows. The windows can be open to catch cross breezes. This space is also used for hosting dinner parties. (via )

How To Build A She Shed

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